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Australian Peacemakers FAQ's

Do I need to be a Christian?
No. You do not need to be a Christian to be a member of the Australian Peacemakers. You just need to have strong values of right and wrong.
Will I get into trouble for being a Peacemaker?
Peacemakers do not conduct themselves unlawfully. In fact, any Peacemaker who is found breaking the law will automatically lose their membership within the group.
What can I do as a Peacemaker?
Peacemaker’s do the diligent work of watching government authorities and police actions. Peacemakers also help victims of police violence and if required, Peacemakers will use force to defend the rights of innocent people.
I cannot physically defend someone. Can I still be a Peacemaker?
There are many aspects of the Peacemaker initiative which do not require any physical activity. Please fill out the contact form if you are interested in contributing to the movement in other ways.
Will I receive any training to become a Peacemaker?
All Australian Peacemakers are required to do a basic course which includes foundation study of the relevant statutes which are specific to the work conducted by the movement.
What is expected of a Peacemaker?
Australian Peacemakers are expected to adhere to all of the standards contained within the movements charter.